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Keylite Kick Off 2016 with More Choice and More Performance

Keylite has started the year with an attractive proposition to builders in the form of more choice and more performance within their range of roof windows.

Users will be pleasantly surprised by price reductions of around 15% on a range of very popular Keylite products. The new initiative addresses the growing popularity of the company’s white painted windows as Managing Director John Duffin explains: “Previously our customers paid a surcharge for White painted windows compared to the traditional Pine alternative. But now we have decided to reduce the price by around 15% which effectively opens up the choice of finish where users will no longer be constrained by an additional cost.

“In addition to the price reduction, the specification of the standard white painted windows has also been upgraded and now offers more performance as the windows will now include laminated inner glazing panes for enhanced safety which is particularly important in overhead applications.”

Commenting on the specification change John Duffin said “Quite simply these are our best white painted windows ever combining all the familiar Keylite innovations with new lower prices and improved glazing.

“We want to give the market both value and choice so will continue to service both the Pine and White ranges equally via our merchants supported from our extensive stock in South Derbyshire.”

The new pricing at Keylite becomes effective from 1st February 2016.

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